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ROLL TOGETHER puts their own spin on the Warriors of Waterdeep by bringing their adventures to life in actual-play game sessions!

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The first adventure takes the Warriors from the Yawning Portal to the Frostsilver Mines under Sharpstone Keep as they search for the mysterious ANVIL OF DUMATHOIN!

Ep. 1: The Yawning Portal

Ep. 2: Sharpstone Keep

Ep. 3: Harkald Firesworn

Ep. 4: The Frostsilver Mines

Ep. 5: Iceberg?!

Ep. 6: The Soul of Frostsilver

Ep. 7: The Hidden Forge

Ep. 8: The Anvil of Dumathoin

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The second adventure follows the Warriors of the Waterdeep as they explore the ruined HARVESTSHIELD MOUNTAIN and face the threat of the terrible red dragon, ARGATHAKUL!

Ep. 1: A Walk in the Woods - Part 1

Ep. 2: The catastrophe - Part 1

Ep. 3: What is left behind - Part 1

Ep. 4: Strange Acquaintances - Part 1

Ep. 5: The First Encounter - Part 1

Ep. 6: The Aftermath - Part 1

Ep. 7: Climbing the Peak - Part 1

Ep. 8: The Final Encounter - Part 1

Meet the talented cast from ROLL TOGETHER, and check out the character sheets, monsters, and magical items created for the stream!

Ed Halbenet Portrait

Edward Cartwright / HALBENET

Edward Cartwright (he/him) is an actor who lives on a boat. He grew up near the South Downs in the shire of Hamp and attended the Dragon School in Oxford. Given this upbringing a fascination with fantasy and D&D was somewhat inevitable. He has spent his pandemic working with the award winning Zoom theatre company CTRL-ALT-REPEAT and will be working with Parabolic Theatre in the new year. For Roll Together, Ed has played in Baldur's Gate: Framed and Seekers of Elturel: Buried.

Instagram: @themythomane

Emma Shevarith Portrait

Emma Sheard / SHEVARITH

Emma Sheard both plays and DMs, appearing as Prosp'rus in Sea of Swords: Forsaken & Icewind Dale: Corrupted for Roll Together. Em's DMing includes Theros: Legends of the Underworld and Windfall in Waterdeep for Roll Together. Emma is gender fluid. Em works in HR and does a variety of fibre crafts when not rolling dice.

Twitter: @emmarsheard
Instagram: @emma.rose.makes

Anna Coriolis Portrait

Anna Fordham / CORIOLIS

Anna is an actor/musician from the home counties, who can be currently found working in a Covid Testing centre. They have performed on UK tours, at the Watermill and Nuffield, and on Sky Kids. Anna's favourite films are Chicken Run and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

Twitter: @annacfordham
Instagram: @annacfordham

Naail Naomlen Portrait

Naail Ishaq / NAOMLEN

Naail Ishaq (he/him) is an actor, most recently working in immersive theatre (Crooks 1926). This is his third time playing with Roll Together after playing Anton in Sea of Swords: Forsaken and Barda in Seekers of Elturel: Buried.

Twitter: @naail_ishy
Instagram: @naail_ishy

Natalie Tommus Portrait

Natalie Winter / TOMMUS

Natalie Winter (she/her) is an actor and director working across theatre, short film and particularly voiceover and videogames, including the recent Assassins Creed Valhalla. She also starred as Myrryn in Theros: Legends of the Underworld for Roll Together. She produces the Ragged Scratch Podcast (@raggedfoils), which presents short new writing and works-in-progress audio plays.

Twitter: @winternatters
Instagram: @winternatters

Chris DM Portrait

Chris Hislop

Chris Hislop (They/Them) - DM for Icewind Dale: Corrupted, Sea of Swords: Forsaken, Agents of the Nine Hells REDUX and Gloom Falls on Baldur’s Gate (all for Roll Together); DM for Veiled Alliance (LFM Network); DM for The Grand Plan (D&D Celebration, WOTC).

Twitter: @chrishislop

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